I am so glad that you are here

Each one of us has their own unique evolution of life. On the core of our existence lies a different path laid out for each one of us. A path meant to enlighten, guide and teach us our greatest life lessons. How we choose to experience life, determines if the journey will be a daring adventure or absolutely nothing. May we choose to LIVE always!

Welcome To My Blog "dear life"

On this blog, I look forward to sharing my journey of uncovering some of the life lessons that have shaped me, sprinkled with my authentic storytelling content…. Do hop on this bus and together we will navigate through this maze called life.

Areas Of Focus

Love heals, love liberates and love is all there truly is. This blog is derived from a place of love. A love that allows us to be ourselves, one that allows for personal growth and being vulnerable to our truth. This blog takes a main focus on the following areas of interest:

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