Born in a small town in northern Namibia, Hilya-Uyepa Sheehama is a young, vibrant and enthusiastic black woman. She wears many different hats  but at the core of them all, being a HUMAN BEING is her favorite. 

Hilya is driven by a deep desire to create a world where people can confidently and with joy allow themselves to be HUMAN. A world that allows others to realize their full potential and optimize their God-given talents to make a difference in society. 

She believes in being a catalyst for change that propels society forward. Through her blog, Hilya hopes to engage with young women and men from all walks of life, in order to help them to rediscover their true identity in a world full of many opinions as well as navigate through this journey of life. 

she wishes to apply herself fully into motivating, encouraging, scouting and soul searching in order to uncover the true definition of living a God driven purposeful life.

 Just imagine the face of the happiest child you know, that is Hilya.

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